Does anyone know of jobs for email tarot readers?

Question by Squidgy Powers: Does anyone know of jobs for email tarot readers?
I currently do email tarot readings and am looking to expand, either by reaching a wider audience (I have a free website, a blog, and a facebook page) or by working for a person/company that already has a larger client base. I do not want to do phone or one to one readings as I need complete silence and solitude to work.
Any advice would be appreciated.
wow morning star you are obviously a complete expert on the subject. It doesn’t matter if someone is stood next to you or the other side of the world to tune into their energies. We are all connected so its a case of connecting to one element of the self. I have never had a negative response from any of my readings. I suggest before you mock, you educate yourself

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Answer by Morning Star

How can you do a reading from email?
Thats a load.

Oh, really expert? You sound like one of those fake tarot readers, who are about as useful as the tarot app on the android phone.
Anyone can SAY they’re doing a tarot reading and just pull a random ‘reading‘.
Webcam is one thing, but how can someone tell if you’re legit or not from email tarot?
Good luck with your ‘tarot readings

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